Golf course waiting for your visit

Golf Club Prague

... is part of the history of Czech golf since 1926. Book a group lesson or explore golf in beautiful natural surroundings just 15 minutes from the Savoy Hotel. Transportation for sport and back to the hotel will be great pleasure for us.



Do you want to play golf? We can arrange! Choose one of the options or contact us and we will match the game to your requirements.

1. Play - 9 holes, sticks, basket of balls to drive (to start) - 1500 CZK

2. Golf course - 1 person, 2 hours training - full swing, short game, golf ethics, clubbing, driving balls, professional coach - 2200 CZK

3. Group lessons - 2 hours max 6 people, 1 trainer - full swing, short game, competitions, clubs, ball - 5000 CZK

4. Group tuition-  6-12 persons, 2 coaches - 8000 CZK