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The magical Hotel Savoy is located in the heart of historical Prague, ready to enchant you. You only need to take a few steps and your quest at one of the world´s greatest monuments can begin.

Neighbourhood of the Prague Castle

Despite its location near Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, you don´t need to worry that the crowds of tourists will ruin your experience in Hotel Savoy. The Baroque Czernin Palace with its extensive gardens rises just behind the hotel. The Church of the Angelic Virgin Mary and Strahov Monastery are also located in the vicinity of Hotel Savoy as well as enchanting Loreta chimes. The sculpture of astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler reminds us of the history of this area. The latter also gave a name to the street of Hotel Savoy – Kepler street. 

Hotel Savoy Prague, Keplerova 218/6, 118 00  Prague

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Hotel Savoy Prague, Keplerova 218/6, 118 00  Prague

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